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The ongoing need for Relief


A disaster, anywhere, is something no community can prepare COMPLETELY for.  The emotional, mental, and physical strain that it puts on any individual, or community is unbearable throughout the entire process.  FEMA, SBA, acronym, acronym, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  If having encroaching floodwater, little warning, homes isolated, communication breakdowns, etc wasn’t enough, the water just isn’t going down in many areas. 


As ongoing Disaster Assessment goes on, families struggle to find resources through the maze of resource allocations, unknown (due to lack of experience, not for lack of trying) avenues to recieve funding, and difficult affected landscape to try and navigate to do the simplist tasks: grocery shopping, going to the bank, getting gas, feed for the animals, etc.

So, just when is this going to get better?

The answer is unkown for many residents of Suwannee and Columbia counties.  Bearing through low-lying flooding, sinkholes, and washed out roads, the road to recovery will be slow-going.  Multiple agencies are coming together for long-term recovery.  Catholic Charities, Christian Servce Center, United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross and many others have walked hand-in-hand sweeping through the communities trying to assist with the clean-up and recovery.


For many residents, the fear of the unknown future is what causes the greatest anxiety.  For now, the Red Cross will continue outreach to the affected residents.  If you know anyone who is in need of support, please contact our local chapter at 352-376-4669.




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