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Hurricane Sandy Update


If you have yet to abandon the news sources altogether due to the extensive reporting on elections, you are probably well aware of Hurricane Sandy brewing off of the east coast.

The Red Cross is aware, and has already begun the response efforts in multiple east coast states. As of yesterday, 128 people sought refuge in shelters in North Carolina and Virginia. Some areas along the coast have been ordered to evacuate and Red Cross workers are preparing to open and support more shelters as the storm moves northward. Hundreds of disaster workers from all over the east coast are ready to help support Sandy’s victims. There are nearly 100 emergency response vehicles enroute to the region to distribute thousands of ready-to-eat meals and relief supplies. 

The Red Cross is working closely with government officials and community partners such as the Southern Baptist Convention, Americorps, and Salvation Army to try to minimize Sandy’s potential detriment. 

The Red Cross also wants people to know that Sandy is a big and dangerous storm and must be taken seriously. Dangerous flooding, extensive power outages, and heavy wind and rain are all likely effects of Sandy. Everyone should listen to local officials and follow all evacuation protocol.

Helpful information on shelters can be found through the Red Cross Hurricane app or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS 

-Hayley Jones, Emergency Services Intern


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