Sarah’s Sandy Experience

I recently returned from Hurricane Sandy Deployment in New Jersey. This is the second Disaster Response since I began my internship at the Red Cross in August. This time around there were not as many surprises and I was more comfortable knowing what to pack and anticipate. I arrived at the Newark airport on Monday […]

The Latest on Superstorm Sandy

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, The Red Cross would like to say thanks for the generosity of the American public. The Red Cross has been able to spend tens of millions of donated dollars providing food, shelter, relief supplies and comfort to people affected by Sandy, and those dollars are making a difference.  Shelters have been able […]

Hurricane Sandy Update

If you have yet to abandon the news sources altogether due to the extensive reporting on elections, you are probably well aware of Hurricane Sandy brewing off of the east coast. The Red Cross is aware, and has already begun the response efforts in multiple east coast states. As of yesterday, 128 people sought refuge […]

Meet The Barry’s

stove in the Barry’s kitchen where the fire started (above) Up until a few days ago, Kathy Barry (like many others) saw the American Red Cross as an organization that stepped in to help in the face of astronomically devastating disasters. The kinds that claim hundreds of lives and plaster the front pages of newspapers […]

volunteer LA. shelter highlights-Isaac 2012

My wife and I were deployed as shelter managers from headquarters located in Port Allen, LA. What a privilege to be asked to join a team of seven to open a shelter for potential evacuees from the Louisiana dam site that was breached. The intense rainfall had caused significant damage that led enough Louisiana’s governor […]

Remembering 9/11

I was sitting in my sixth-grade science classroom chatting carelessly with my table-mates when our school’s Dean entered the room with a look of sullen shock on his face. He proceeded to tell us of the horrific attacks that had just occurred in New York City. A silent panic swept over the room. Every American […]

The ongoing need for Relief

A disaster, anywhere, is something no community can prepare COMPLETELY for.  The emotional, mental, and physical strain that it puts on any individual, or community is unbearable throughout the entire process.  FEMA, SBA, acronym, acronym, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  If having encroaching floodwater, little warning, homes isolated, communication breakdowns, etc wasn’t enough, the water just isn’t […]